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We have been offering the WSET® courses since 2005 in Switzerland; which makes us one of the first WSET® Approved Programme Providers in Switzerland. 
We offer our courses in the following languages: English, French, German and since March 2017 also the Italian language! 
New Courses – as of 2018, we are continuing with the enlargement of our further education course offering with the Institute of Brewing and Distilling (IBD) courses  which focus on the production of beer and spirits

Since August 2016, we have successfully included the WSET® Sake qualifications to our course offering:

  • The WSET® Level 1 Award in Sake: – a one – day course, where you will understand the whole production process of Sake, from the grain of harvested rice, right through to the finished beverage. You will also be able to identify the main styles of Sake and explain the differences in the style of each as well as how to serve the finished product and the effect of service temperature on the food and sake association
  • The Level 3 Award in Sake: – a 4 day course, including the examination day, where you will have the opportunity of learning each of the elements in the sake production process and how a small variation can affect the finished product. This is a course that is ideal for a professional who is in charge of including sake in their beverage list and intend to add value to the business as well as differentiate themselves in the local market.

The Wine and Spirit Education Trust‘s courses are now available in more than 70 countries!

Over 72,171 students, in 72 countries and 19 languages sat WSET® examinations in the year 2015/2016. An organisation with educational charity status, the WSET® is the only wine and spirit educational entity approved by the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority, the UK government’s regulator for education. Since 2002, we have been running the Wine and Spirit Education Trust courses in Switzerland.

Our accreditation allows us to offer the Wine and Spirit Education Trust courses up to the Diploma level.

We are currently not eligible to offer the Diploma course, but aim to offer it in the near future.

All our courses are modules, which allow professionals to work and study on a “block” basis. Thus not having to give up employment to continue with their personal development.

Our modules are split into disciplines:

Product knowledge Wine and Spirit Knowledge – the Wine and Spirit Education Trust courses and our Swiss Wine courses – Sake courses – Spirits Knowledge – the Wine and Spirit Education Trust courses and our Fruit Spirit courses

Operations Management – Service Skills, Beverage and Food Operations Management

Workshops              – Product knowledge without the stress of an examination at the end

Production Knowledge – recognition for knowledge of the science and understanding for the legal, health and safety aspects for the production processes for beer, distillation, malting and packaging with the Institute of Brewing and Distilling courses. The qualifications will be available to study from 2018, we are currently in the process of becoming an accredited centre for the Institute of Brewing and Distilling qualifications which are divided into disciplines:

  • Malting
    • General Certificate in Malting
    • Diploma in Malting (due to be available from 2018)
  • Brewing
    • Fundamentals of Brewing beer
    • General Certificate in Brewing Beer
    • Diploma in Brewing
  • Distilling
    • Fundamentals in Distilling
    • General Certificate in Distilling
    • Diploma in Distilling
  • Packaging
    • General Certificate in Packaging (beer)
    • General Certificate in Packaging (spirits)
    • Diploma in Packaging

New!!! as of 2018 we will be offering the Institute of Brewing and Distilling courses on Brewing Beer and also on Distillation

Continuing Professional Development – Keep yourself up-to-date with changes in the Appellations, regions and sub-regions around the world by becoming a member on our  Study Support Site. You will then have access to all the wine growing regions of the world and the Appellations and details for each of them. 

Coming soon: for Companies, the same information as for the “member” level, but with individual handouts for in-house briefings and training by region and country.

You are advised to look at the career progression routes and the qualifications which are designed to help you achieve your personal objectives. Prior to joining a course of study, take account of the time you will need to set aside for your studies, both in the class as well as the recommended “self-study” time, check out our “planing your studies” for wine, sakespirits , operations management

The Wine and Spirit Education Trust along with the Court of Master Sommeliers, published the following illustration of the Sommelier progression pathway, which we hope you will find useful in planning your studies.

Watch this space for other courses, workshops and opportunities for expanding on your current knowledge.

Should you have any questions, or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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