whisky & whiskey workshop

Whisky & Whiskey – Workshop
How to professionally taste and evaluate the different styles of Whisky and Whiskey?
The Whisky and Whiskey Workshop will assist in understanding the principles of distillation, as well as the professional tasting process to recognise and understand the differences in the production of the different styles of Whisky and Whiskey.

Main aspects that are covered in the workshop:

  • Tasting of Blended Whisky, Malt Whisky , Irish Whiskey, Bourbon, Canadian and Japanese Whisky
  • Describe and evaluate Whisky and Whiskey in a competent and professional manner
  • Describe and explain the differences in the production of the various styles of Whisky & Whiskey
Learning outcomes
During the course of this workshop you will be tasting Whisky & Whiskey of various styles and quality levels. At the end of the workshop you will be capable of tasting and evaluating the perceived quality of Whisky and Whiskey. Describe the styles and their differences based on the production process for each of the products tasted.
 (duration of the workshop: one day)
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