General Certificate in Packaging (beer)

General Certificate in Packaging (beer)

Who should attend?

The General Certificate in Packaging  (beer) gives international recognition of a basic, under-pinning knowledge and understanding in the principles of brewing operations. The General Certificate in Packaging (beer) has been designed for candidates who may have little or no formal academic or technical qualification. Typically a candidate will be employed as a senior operator or team leader in a brewery or packaging plant, however the scope of these examinations will enable candidates from smaller brewing operations to obtain this recognised qualification. This examination is open to anybody with interest in brewing or beer packaging. They are a measure of basic knowledge (theoretical and practical) underpinning brewing, packaging and associated operations.

How will you benefit?

These are a measure of the basic knowledge (theoretical and practical) underpinning packaging and associated operations. They are aimed at team members, team leaders and technicians who may lack appropriate higher education or may not have the basic scientific knowledge to sit the Diploma Level qualifications. They are also suitable for other non-operational personnel (e.g. in HR, accounts, logistics, and engineering) who will benefit from a basic understanding of operations within their industry. The General Certificate qualifications can be an end in themselves, equipping successful candidates to carry out their tasks more knowledgeably, or can also be the start of professional development, leading to Diploma Level qualifications and, potentially, the Master Level qualification.

The General Certificate in Packaging (beer) can be an end in itself, or the start of professional development, leading to the Diploma in Packaging.

Outline programme 

  • An overview of beer types and their packaging
  • Bright beer production, storage and handling
  • Beer pasteurisation, sterile filtration and filling

Specialist section –

Either – 4CAN – Cans and associated packaging materials

Or – 4KEG – Kegs and associated packaging materials

Or – 4NRB – Non returnable glass bottles and associated packaging materials

Or – 4RB – Returnable glass bottles and associated packaging materials

Specialist section – 

Either – 5CAN – The canning line 

Or – 5KEG – The kegging line

Or – 5NRB – The non returnable bottle line

Or – The returnable bottle line

Specialist section – 

Either – 6CAN – Can inspection, plant and packaging materials preparation and on-line checks

Or – 6KEG – Keg inspection, plant and packaging materials preparation

Or – 6NRB – Bottle inspection, plant and packaging materials preparation and on-line checks

Or – 6RB – Bottle washing and inspection, plant and packaging materials preparation and on-line checks

  • Labelling and coding
  • The measurement and reporting of packaging performance
  • Warehousing
  • Beer quality and process control for packaging
  • Beer quality – Flavour
  • Beer quality – Dissolved oxygen
  • Beer quality – Contamination and microbiological infection
  • Quality management
  • Plant cleaning – Detergents and sterilising agents
  • Plant cleaning – Cleaning in-place (CIP) and general cleaning
  • Engineering maintenance
  • Utilities – Water and effluent in packaging
  • Utilities – Process gases
  • Packaging and the environment

To gain the General Certificate in Packaging (beer) qualification, candidates will be required to: 

Successfully complete:

  • a multiple choice paper of 60 questions 

Please note: We are currently not in a position to offer this course, but intend to offer it in the future

Please note: you need to register 8 weeks prior to the examination date to take the IBD examination.

Included in the course price are: – The course material, the Institute of Brewing and Distilling (IBD) examination (recognised in over 100 countries around the world). Access to the e-Learning site for the duration of the course.

Required prior learning for the course: no prior knowledge is required (if you are not sure, contact us, so that we can help you choose the course level according to your needs and objectives).

Guided learning hours: It is recommended that a candidate should allocate at least 80 hours of study. This is a NQF / IQF Level 3 course

Learning outcomes – at the end of this course, the candidate should be able to explain and describe in simple terms, or demonstrate familiarity with: 

  • Definition of beer and types of beer
  • Definition of packaging and package types
  • Bright beer filtration
  • Transfer of bright beer and bright beer handling
  • Storage
  • Pasteurisation
  • Sterile filtration
  • Can design
  • Can and associated packaging materials
  • Keg design
  • Keg materials of construction and associated packaging materials
  • NRB design
  • NRB and associated packaging materials
  • RB design
  • RB and associated packaging materials
  • Principal plant items
  • Can filling systems
  • Control of filling levels
  • Can seaming
  • Internal keg cleaning / sterilising
  • Keg filling systems
  • Heat sterilisation
  • Bottle filling systems
  • Bottle crowner and other closure methods
  • Sterile filling
  • Quality checks and record keeping
  • Labelling and coding
  • Efficiency reporting
  • The “V-curve”
  • Beer and packaging material losses
  • Warehouse operations and best practices
  • Health and safety
  • Process control and specifications
  • Evaluation and tasting during processing
  • Beer quality – contamination and microbiological infection
  • Detection, monitoring and control
  • Product safety (HACCP)
  • General plant cleaning
  • Engineering maintenance
  • Utilities – Water and effluent in packaging
  • Utilities – Process gases
  • Packaging and the environment

Progression Routes – Upon successful completion of the IBD Certificate in the General Certificate of Packaging (beer), the candidate may progress to the following qualifications: 

Diploma in Packaging: – The Diploma in Packaging examination is a measure of the candidate’s theoretical knowledge of packaging science and technology. The objective of the Diploma in Packaging is to give international recognition of comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the principles of packaging science and technology 

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