New! Practical Distilling Courses

During the course of 2021 we will start offering our practical distilling courses.

We plan to offer two levels: 

  • Distilling for Beginners
  • Practical “Craft” Distilling

The “Distilling for beginners course will focus on the basics and introduce distilling practice as well as health and safety for both the distiller and the end product.

Our Practical Craft Distilling course is for experienced distillers that wish to improve on their technique and put procedures in place to maintain product quality throughout the production process.

These courses will be complemented by a series of MasterClasses which focus on the preparation and distillation of various base products to arrive at a commercially viable product.

At the moment, the only courses for Distilling available are the Institute of Brewing and Distilling Qualifications which are available in an eLearning format to study and you can choose to take the examination on our premises. Please note that the IBD qualifications focus on the science behind the distillation process as well as the work of yeast and microbiological control of the whole process.

Our practical courses will support you in covering the practical aspect of the qualifications. In this way, our “Distilling for Beginners” course will cover the practical elements to support you in your study for the IBD’s Foundation in Distilling course.

Our Practical “Craft” Distilling course covers the practical aspects of what you are required to know for the IBD’s General Certificate in Distilling qualification.

Currently the IBD courses are all available to study in the English language with come qualifications available in Spanish or the French language.

To register for the IBD courses, you will need to register directly on their website:

Should you have any questions, or are not sure which course would be more appropriate to your learning objectives, do not hesitate to contact us.

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