Levels of study… Level 1, level 2 what do they mean?

For the sake of clarity, we often refer to a level 1, level 2, level 3, etc. The levels refer to the level of proficiency that would be required to successfully complete a particular course.

Following this format:

Level Descriptor for learning outcomes
Level 1Knowledge – recalling information
Level 2Comprehension – understanding and interpreting information
Level 3Application – applying procedures / systems / rules in specific situations
Level 4Analysis – breaking a system down into its consituent elements
Level 5Synthesis – bringing elements together to form a new, coherent whole
Level 6Evaluation – making judgements / critical comparisons on the basis of agreed criteria

For example with the course: Introduction to Swiss Wine and Swiss Wines, you only need to be able to remember the levels and not to provide a complete analysis of a Swiss wine in terms of quality, price, demand on the Swiss market.

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