Re-opening of our courses

To be able to open our school, we are following the guidelines for public safety in Switzerland closely.

All who have registered or expressed an interest in a specific course have been informed of any changes. If you were interested in a course, but have not as yet registered with us, we would suggest that you check the course dates again and if in doubt, contact us directly.

We plan to open our classroom courses in phases. The courses starting at the end of May are limited to 4 participants. For all courses in June a maximum of 6 participants unless the guidelines change.

At the entrance to each of our classrooms we have installed dispensers with an alcohol-based disinfectant. Prior to each class, the classroom(s) will be disinfected with a product that eliminates bacteria and is also effective against viruses.

Social distancing will be maintained in our classrooms with a distance of 2 metres between each course participant.

Should you have a cold, or a temperature, please do not come to the course, but self-isolate following the current guidelines and let us know by email or sms.

Your registration or examination (as applicable) will be transferred to the next available course date without any additional costs.

Should you have any questions, or suggestions, do not hesitate to contact us.