main classroom

Our premises!

We have moved to our new premises and look forward to welcoming you to one of our next courses. We are continuing with our proven principle of small classes so that we can provide the participants of our courses with the time and attention to allow for an exchange and making sure that everyone is ready both for the examination and/or working environment.

We now have two classrooms:

The main classroom with a maximum capacity for 12 participants in a course. The new lighting has just been installed with “white light” which will allow you to both identify and understand the full spectrum of colour and nuances that can be found in a glass of wine or spirit. 


Our second classroom which has a different set-up, and a maximum capacity for 7 participants, is more appropriate to some of our practical courses and for group work.



There is also a breakout area where you can have coffee, tea or just chill between the sessions… 



These areas are in the process of being completed with our “Lab” where our craft brewing courses have the “practical” put into practice…

Further developments to our courses and the course content of both existing and new courses are in the planning process. We are looking forward to introducing these new developments and welcoming you to our new courses as they become available.

laboratoireYou will find us at the following address:

L’école du vin – Seeland

Mittelstrasse 14C

2502 Biel/Bienne

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