Practical Craft Brewing courses

With our resident “craft” brewer, we are currently in the process of preparing a series of practical brewing courses.

At the end of the course, you will have gained enough knowledge and practical experience to produce your own beer!

Thomas is looking forward to welcoming you to one of his courses and to assist in providing you with both the knowledge and the practical experience to be able to produce your own beer.

You will be involved in the production of the following styles of beer during the course: Lager, IPA, Ale, Wheat and Rye beers as well as Stout. You will also be looking at the importance of adjuncts and their effect on stabilising a beer’s foam and shelf-life.

During the course, the importance of health and safety as well as go through the packaging options keg and bottle.

Our “main” practical craft brewing course will be complemented with a series of “Masterclasses” which will focus on various aspects of brewing: the use of adjuncts, producing a stable “mousse”, how to produce a “clear” beer, and capacity requirements for a production brewery.